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Chogkhang Tibetan Medicine Centre

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Chogkhang Tibetan Medicine Centre (CTMC)
House No. 57/1
Sidhbari - 176057 Tehsil Dharamsala
District Kangra (H.P) India

Tel: 01892 - 234901 (Clinic)
Fax: 01892 - 234609
Mob: 09418017223

Chogkhang Tibetan Medicine Centre

Chogkhang Tibetan Medicine Centre (CTMC) was established on 5th March 2002 at Sidhbari under Dharamsala Tehsil of Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh. At the beginning, it managed to operate in a small one room space due to financial constraint. There was no separate waiting room for the patients and sometimes it becomes too hard for them to wait for their turn under heavy monsoon condition. However, the centre continued to work in a small congested room for couple of years until it could be shifted to a better accommodation.

On 8th September 2004, the clinic shifted to Rakkar in Sidhbari and it was here that we could expand our services by accommodating more facility and additional staff. Presently, we offer health care services that include consultation and treatments to the local and other interested patients irrespective of their nationality and religion. Chronic health problems such as chronic digestive disorders, nerve related disorders, skin problems, arthritis, blood pressure and a range of psychological disorders are taken care of. Based on the nature of disorder and individual body constitution, the medical prescription comprises of powdered medicines, decoctions, pastes, pills etc. In addition to these, external therapies such as moxibustion, cauterization, massage, compress therapy, cupping therapy, golden needle therapy, golden hammer therapy and hot oil compress therapy (Hormae) are also given, wherever necessary. Apart from undertaking our regular work at the centre, we also undertakes public health awareness programs by giving public talks and presentations on specific social health problems such as prevention of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis-B infection and on the prevention of general health problems. Our main target group is school children.

Ladakh Jhangthang medical project is another important program that we are undertaking annually. The inhabitants in the remote areas of Ladakh Jhangthang comprised of local Ladhaki and Tibetan refugee. Ladhaki nomads, historically share same Tibetan Buddhist tradition, culture, custom and Tibetan way of life. This is also the reason why these nomads are familiar with Tibetan medicine and the prevalence of Tibetan medicine in their place. Unfortunately, these poor people are completely devoid of any modern or traditional medical facility. For any urgent medical help, they have to first travel more than 200 kms of unmanned bad road to reach Leh, the main town where proper medical facility can be asked for. On many occasions, many life have been lost before any medical help could reach them. This is one of the main purpose of choosing Ladakh Jhangthang areas for our medical project. Through our efforts, it is our endeavor that with the help of Tibetan medicine and health awareness programs, people may be able to keep themselves healthy enough so that no urgent medical help is not needed to ask for in the future.

The free medical project was started in July 2008 and since then, we are continuing with our service once every year. When enough financial support is available, we will certainly organize more mobile health care program and cover remote places in the future.