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Fundamental Principle of Tibetan Medicine

The fundamental principle of Tibetan medicine is based on the theory of Five Physical Elements (Byungwa Lnga). The theory of Five Physical Elements states that each and every phenomena weather in the microcosmic world or in the macrocosmic world is composed of the quality of the Five Physical Elements. The formation of human beings without exception is also related to the actions and quality of the Five Physical Elements. Earth gives foundation on which every formation stands. In the human body the formation of muscles tissues and bones are the foundation for a strong and stable body. Water moistens and lubricates the compound thereby providing power of bonding between various matters and in the human body it is represented by all the quality of body fluids and lubricating agents. Fire matures and transforms the entire physical constituents which involves the digestive processes and various transformation agents in the human body and is represented by the entire quality of inner and outer heat. Air is the dynamic force which causes every actions and movement and in the human body it is represented by all biological functions of the movements including the functions of the brain and mind, respiration, circulations, digestion and transformation, major and minor excretions, impulse in the nerves that causes every movement in the body etc. Space which is common to all, provides room for every development and allows the other physical elements to carry out their functions and in the human body it is represented by all the hollow spaces and the cavities.

The physical elements in the environment and the elements within the human body are inter-related due to their common characteristics and actions. This is the reason why any harmful influence in the environment disturbs the harmony of the elements within the body. The relation between the body and environment occurs mainly through the food that we ingest, the oxygen that we breath in, through the impulses that we received through the sense organs and through our reactions to the conditions of the world around us. There are three main functional principle in the human body which are directly derived from the Five Physical Elements. Loong characterized by roughness, lightness, cold, subtleness, hardness and mobile is derived from element Air. Tripa having characteristic of oily, sharpness, hot, lightness, fowl smelling, fluidity is derived from element Fire and Baekan characterized by oily, cold, heaviness, dullness, smoothness, stable and sticky is derived from the combined elements of Earth and Water. Element Space is common to all. Loong, Tripa and Baekan are the three main functional principles responsible for each and every functions of the body for its survival. Loong is represented by the functions and characteristics of all the movements while Tripa is represented by the functions and characteristics of heat involving all the transformations related with digestive processes and Baekan is represented by the functions and characteristics of all the moistures and fluidity for firmness and flexibility.

These main functional principle have specific locations in the body to carry out their specific functions. When they maintain balanced proportion without any disturbances the body is said to be in complete health, physically and mentally. When they are imbalanced mainly due to unwholesome diet and lifestyle, seasonal factors etc. the body is said to be in disordered state and suffers from various health related problems.