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Factors of Health and Disorder

The main objectives of learning and practicing Tibetan medicine is mainly two:
1. To treat the existing health problems.
2. To prevent the manifestation of any health related problems in the future. In this context, Tibetan medicine introduces four main factors that disturb the internal harmony of the mind and body. Upon coming in contact with any of these factor brings about imbalance among the three functional principle thus causing various health problems. On the other hand, once we are able to prevent these factors from coming in contact, we will be able to prevent many problem related to our health. The four factors that causes imbalances are:

> Seasonal factor
> Evil Spirit factor
> Dietary factor
> Lifestyle factor

Seasonal factor entails the influence of seasonal changes that affects the health of a person. To have normal heat during spring time and normal cold during winter for a particular place is said to be normal. As such, during spring season, when the weather becomes warmer, the outer heat causes the temperature of the inner organs and components to rise, and problems related with liver and heat are more evident. During winter when it is cold outside, the temperature of the inner organs and components also decreases and problems related with kidneys and cold are more prevalent. However, when there is an abnormal weather condition such as having a cold spring season or a warm winter, or a heavy snowfall during autumn, or no rainfall during monsoon will certainly affect a lot to the health of a person. In the Explanatory Tantra of Gyueshi, separate chapters have been devoted to educate the people on how well one can maintain one’s health by following the right course of diet and lifestyle regimens in accordance with the seasonal changes.

Tibetan medicine believes that evil spirits are responsible for causing some health problems, specially problems related with mental disturbances. According to the Buddhist philosophy, appearance and influences of evil spirits are due to the mental delusions, leading to misconception of the reality of the universal phenomena and of the mind itself. In the case of a mentally disturbed person, there is mental illusions and misinterpretation of a reality. Tibetan medical concept on evil spirits, which is also based on the Buddhist philosophical ground, also identifies the experiences of illusions of the patients under the form of various spirits. Unlike the theory of balance and imbalance of the internal energy which is an internal factor, the disorders related to evil spirits are considered an external factors that influences the internal condition of a person. Once diagnosed, these cases must be treated through proper spiritual remedies before treating the actual disorder.

Out of these four main factors, diet and lifestyle are the two most important aspects that come across in everybody’s day to day life. These two factors in fact forms an important part of our daily life. Right from the beginning, we have been continuously engaged in experiencing different forms of diet and indulging in various mental and physical activities. Tastes and qualities of foods and drinks when taken appropriately according to the need of the body, sustains and develop the body thus maintaining good health whereas unwholesome dietary factor brings about ill health and sufferings. Similarly, lifestyle factor which involves the action of body, speech and mind, when followed appropriately according to the need of the body and mind, will ensure good health and improper lifestyle will bring about various health problems. Tibetan medicine emphasizes great importance specifically with the diet and lifestyle factor and as such separate chapters have been devoted to enrich the knowledge on proper use of diet and lifestyle regimens in the Explanatory Tantra of Gyueshi. This clearly supports our claim that Tibetan medicine deal not only with managing disordered state of a person, but a great deal of knowledge on the prevention of disorders have been mentioned in the entire passage of Gyueshi.