Chogkhang Tibetan Medicine Centre
Chogkhang Tibetan Medicine Centre
Ladakh Jhangthang Medical Camp

Chogkhang Tibetan Medicine Centre (CTMC) undertakes free mobile health care services to remote areas of Ladakh Jhangthang where Tibetan medicine is more familiar and people prefers to get their health problems treated with Tibetan medicine. Inhabitants in these areas lead a simple nomadic, yet very hard life. They keep on moving from place to place in search of better pastures for their livestock and as such they are devoid of any permanent health care facilities. It was in July 2008, that Chogkhang Tibetan Medicine Centre has started a free mobile health care service to Jhangthang areas and since then it has been annually conducting such mobile health care services to various nomadic areas for a period of 2-3 weeks. The areas covered so far are Sumdho, Samed, Kharnag, Nyoma, Rongo, Magyu, Hanle, Qungting, Karlu, Rinag, Nyorchen and Nyorchung. We were encouraged to see that the nomads are very happy to receive such medical care and wanted us to continue with such project in the future as well. If there is no financial constraint, we are committed to undertake not only to continue our annual mobile services to these areas but also to cover more new areas in Ladakh Jhangthang and in Lahul and Spiti regions where such mobile health care service is urgently needed.

Next mobile health care service for Ladakh Jhangthang is scheduled from the first week of July 2014.


Chogkhang Tibetan Medicine Centre would like to thank Hansjörg Quaderer, President and members of Tibet-Unterstützung Liechtenstein (TUL) and particularly Irmi Schreiber for financially supporting Ladakh Jhangthang medical project for the year 2009 and 2010.

We must admit that this financial assistance has proved to be very useful for giving free medical treatment and health care services to a large number of nomadic people. We welcome any financial support for the medical project in the future. With more funds available, we are committed to cover more remote places of Ladakh as well as Lahul Spiti areas.