Chogkhang Tibetan Medicine Centre
Chogkhang Tibetan Medicine Centre
  My colleagues Sonam Wangchuk and Ven. Ogyen Norbu

Packing the medicines for proper dispensation

Setting the luggage in the car

Road condition from Dharamsala to Manali

Foggy weather at Rohtang Pass (3978 m)

At Baralacha La (4830 m)

My colleagues at Baralacha La

Sarchu, (4253 m) place for accommodation

Sarchu is 13850 feet

Holding Tibetan National Flag at the top of Gata Loop

Resting place before Lachung La

Tibetan National Flag at Lachung La (5019 m)

Pang, a good point to eat and rest

These are what they offer at Pang

At Kyangchu Thang

First picture in Jhangthang area

Local nomads putting up the tent

Giving medical consultation

Reading the pulse of an elderly patient

Giving instructions to a patient

Giving dietary instruction to a patient

Reading pulse of an elderly patient

Giving health consultation on the way

Giving health consultation on the way

Having fun with animals

Yak hair tent, strong and water proof

Simple alter in the tent

Typical nomadic child

Patient thanking for the treatment

Patients waiting for their turn for the treatment

Packing the medicines for proper dispensation

Jagoe Poe - Delphinium chrysotrichum at 5360 meter height

Close up view of Jagoe Poe flower

Is the pain here? Yes....... Ah.......

Treating a patient with hot cupping therapy

Post effect of hot cupping therapy

Packed patient in a tent clinic

Blood pressure examination

Giving instruction on how to take the medicines properly

An elderly women waiting for her turn

An elderly man complaining about his kidney pain

Packed patient in the tent clinic

An elderly man with his grandson

Pulse examination

Examining the pulse of an elderly patient

Sorting out medicinal packages

Pulse examination

Giving Precious pills to an elderly patient

Reminding patient about important instructions on diet

Deep concentration while reading the pulse of an elderly women

Giving moxibustion therapy for nerve pains

Giving moxibustion therapy for arthritis

Thanking for the treatment

Treating arthritis with moxibustion

“Thank you doctor for burning my skin”

Treating migraine with cauterization

Cauterization on the crown of the head for mental stabilization

Cauterization on the head for dizziness

Lunch time after a hard work

Tibetan thukpa

In one of the tent during home visit treatment

Evening sunshine with snow on the mountain top

One cold evening with colleagues

Road condition between Gramphu - Kaza on our way to Spiti

Our car got stuck miserably on way to Spiti at Chota dara

On our way back home


Chogkhang Tibetan medicine centre’s Annual Free Medical Tour to
Ladakh Jhangthang - 2013

Total number of days covered :   16 days

Total number of places covered:

  Kharnag, Debring and Nyorchen

Total number of kilometres covered:


Total number of Patients treated:


Total number of male patients treated:


Total number of female patients treated:


Total number of child patient treated:


Total number of home visit:


Total number of patients who received moxibustion :


Total number of patients who received cauterization :


Total number of patients who received cupping therapy:


Total number of patients who received mild hot oil compress therapy:


Total number of Tibetan medicine dosage given:


On account of Kalachakra by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Leh Ladakh from July 3 – 14 2014,
the date for the annual medical tour to Ladakh Jhangthang will be announced later