Chogkhang Tibetan Medicine Centre
Chogkhang Tibetan Medicine Centre
Mail Consultantation

In domestic and international level, an interest on Tibetan medicine and demand for Tibetan medicine facility is growing each passing day. Certainly, it is necessary for the patient to be consulted personally by a Tibetan medicine practitioner for proper diagnosis and suitable prescription. However, for those who do not have any access to Tibetan medicine facility or can not afford to travel all the way to our clinic, we have started the mail consultation facility.

For availing the mail consultation service following details must be provided as clearly as possible.

(i) Name, age, sex, occupation.
(ii) Clear postal address and email address.
(iii) Clear case history of the problem with present signs & symptoms.
(iv) Details of treatment, western or any other, undertaking currently, if any.
(v) Copy of the prescription from a Tibetan doctor, if any.

On the basis of the necessary particulars that we receive, we will study each case carefully and determine specific Tibetan medicine for each case for a recommended period of time. We will then send the medicine by registered post on the given address. In case of urgent, we will send the medicine by courier service provided the patients agree to pay additional fee.

Dr. Thokmay Paljor is giving medical presentation to a group of westerners.

Tibetan Medicine Study Program
Chogkhang Tibetan Medicine Centre organizes short term basic course and long term advanced courses on Tibetan medicine provided adequate number of participants are enrolled. Short term course covers all the main aspects of the basic knowledge on the theory and practices of Tibetan medicine with power point presentations. The duration of course ranges from 10 – 15 days.

The long term advanced course will be more comprehensive and will cover detailed study of the knowledge on theory and practices of Tibetan medicine. The course will take the participants deeper into the profound and complex knowledge of Tibetan medicine, giving practical lesson on diagnosis and treatment approaches. The duration of the course ranges from 4 - 6 weeks.

At the end of the course, each participants will be given a course certificate duly signed by the administrator of Chogkhang Tibetan medicine centre.