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Chogkhang Tibetan Medicine Centre

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Chogkhang Tibetan Medicine Centre (CTMC)
House No. 57/1
Sidhbari - 176057 Tehsil Dharamsala
District Kangra (H.P) India

Tel: 01892 - 234901 (Clinic)
Fax: 01892 - 234609
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Preparations before Consultation:

Preparations before Consultation There are certain prerequisite conditions a day before an appointment with a Tibetan physician. It is important to follow the instructions strictly in order to avoid any variations in the actual diagnosis. These conditions if not followed suitably may influence the true nature of the pulse beats and urine sample thereby severely affecting the actual diagnosis of a health problem. Following are dietary and lifestyle restrictions that one need to follow strictly a day before consulting a Tibetan physician. Diet: Strong black tea, strong coffee, carbonated cold drinks based on gas, strong alcohol, too sour drinks, spicy foods and soups, cold milk, oily and fatty foods, pork, too sweet food and drinks, raw foods and vegetables, bitter salads with heavy dressing

Lifestyle: Fasting, over eating, hard physical or mental work, extreme sexual activity, lack of sleep, excess speech, extreme emotional condition, daytime sleep, extreme sports and exercise.

A day before consulting a Tibetan physician, a person should check that one has a light evening meal, a peaceful evening time and a good sleep. Next morning, perform regular activities but not too extreme, take a light breakfast and come for consultation in a comfortable conveyance. In case of afternoon consultation, check that one has not been under any mental and physical exertion, have a light lunch and come for consultation in a comfortable conveyance.

What to bring:
1. Morning urine collected after midnight in a clean transparent white bottle of with 150-200 ml of urine.
2. Any old prescription from a Tibetan physician.
3. Any western medical laboratory report.