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Tibetan Massage
Chogkhang Tibetan Medicine Centre offers an affordable yet effective Tibetan form of massage therapy to those who carries a genuine medical prescription from a registered Tibetan doctor or to those who are interested to undergo massage therapy. However, it is important to evaluate whether a person willing to undergo massage therapy of its own full fill the right condition for receiving massage therapy. Tibetan Massage is an effective, lively system of massage and bodywork therapy. The practical application of massage and its theoretical knowledge is mentioned in the Subsequent Tantra of Gyueshi. According to the Subsequent Tantra, massage involves applying various herbal infused massage oils depending on the nature of disorder and body constitution, followed by manual tissue manipulation, mobilizing the joints and warming the body through variety of movements and pressure and finally rubbing the body with grain powder. A registered physician or an expert in massage therapy will determine the specific parts and points of the body to be massaged for treating various forms of health related problems. At Chogkhang Tibetan medicine Centre, we use various forms of oils based on the requirements of each different person. Regular massage oil includes sesame oil, mustard oil, age-old butter, olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil. If necessary, these massage oil are blended with some herbal formulations.

Benefits of Tibetan massage
Benefits of undertaking Tibetan massage comprises of two: to treat the prevailing health problem as a supportive treatment in conjunction with other prescriptions and as a preventative measure against various ailments. Against the modern day to day stressful and hectic lifestyle, Tibetan massage therapy is an effective and comfortable way of relaxing and promoting general health condition and well-being of a person. Due to mental instability, mental restlessness, stress and nervousness, the vital life energy and circulation of vital energies are disrupted due to the blockage of various channels in the body. Subsequently, various pains, strains and cramps often occur in various parts of the body. With proper Tibetan massage therapy, the blocked channels are cleared and smooth movement of vital energy are maintained. Various health problems related with weak energy flow are relieved and a general sense of well being is restored. Depending on how chronic the problem is, Tibetan massage therapy is given in different regimen. It is important to follow full course of therapy as instructed by the physician or the therapist for optimum result.
Mrs. Norigjom doing massage

Tibetan massage is indicated against the following conditions:
Rough body, anemia, deficiency of sperm, weak physical body, elderly, experiencing excess mental and emotional problems such as excessive sorrow and mental restlessness, insomnia, exhaustion from physical activity and against all the disorders associated with Loong. Tibetan massage is equally beneficial in case of neurological problems including numbness, sciatic pain, paralysis, irregular menstruation, migraine and muscle cramps.

Tibetan massage is contra-indicated against following conditions:
Problems associated with indigestion, infectious and inflammatory conditions, anorexia, ascites, problems related with liver and gall bladder and all the disorder of Baekan nature.
Before receiving Tibetan massage therapy, eating large amount of heavy and spicy meal should be avoided. After receiving the therapy, going under cold shower or being exposed to cold conditions should also be avoided for a given period of time as instructed by the physician or therapist.